• Selling Guidelines
  • Selling Guidelines

    To ensure you have the best experience selling parts on Fox-Listed, we have written these Selling Guidelines to inform you of some of the protections you have, as well as best practices to follow when selling online. 

    Payments made with PayPal

    All payments made on Fox-Listed are made with PayPal and this means you have full access to PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy.  

    What is PayPal’s Seller Protection? PayPal Seller Protection safeguards you against loss to chargebacks and reversals related to unauthorised transactions and claims that items weren’t received.

    How does it work? When a dispute or chargeback is made by the buyer, PayPal will ask you to provide some further information about the transaction, including proof of shipment or compelling evidence that the service was fulfilled. If the sale is eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection, you will be covered.

    Learn about PayPal's proof of shipment and compelling evidence requirements at PayPal's Seller Protection page.

    What’s eligible? Seller Protection applies to unauthorised payments and transactions reversed due to suspicion of fraud, as well as claims items weren’t received where you can provide proof of shipment or fulfillment.

    Be sure to read PayPal’s full Seller Protection Policy Terms & Conditions to ensure eligibility. You can find their full Terms & Conditions here https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full?country.x=AU&locale.x=en_AU#seller-protection.

    Things to remember

  • Always ship items with a valid tracking number to the shipping address provided to you by PayPal (also located on your Order Detail Page).
  • Keep all forms of proof of shipment or proof of delivery for at least 180 days.
  • Keep detailed evidence of all the items you ship. This could include serial numbers of the item, photos, and other key identifiers for the item.
  • Orders completed with a Local Pickup will most likely not be covered under PayPal’s Seller Protection
  • Selling items as a business

    At Fox-Listed, we understand that each business has unique policies and constraints they operate under. To help deal with this issue, we give our Business Accounts extra functionality to make their selling process as efficient and smooth as possible.

    Setting your refund policy On Fox-Listed, you can set your own unique refund policy. This refund policy can set out any special terms you require to allow refunds, under what circumstances you offer a refund, what is the process of a refund, who covers return shipping, change of mind returns, etc. While you can offer your unique refund policy, however, you must ensure it does not conflict with the Australian Competition And Consumer Law requirements. For a full reference to the ACCC’s requirements for businesses, you can check here https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees/repair-replace-refund.

    To set your refund policy, visit your Account Page.

    Providing invoices for sales When selling items on Fox-Listed as a Business, you will be responsible for proving invoices for parts sold. You can either attach invoices when shipping items or provide them in person for Local Pickup orders.

    If you have any further questions or you require more information you can contact us. Alternatively, if you have further questions regarding PayPal and their Seller Protection Policy, you can contact PayPal directly.